Salma Hayek Pinault stars as the main character in the action-packed film “Everly,” the plot being about an action super heroine who used to be a call girl turned police informant.  Hayek’s character was a former Yakuza “soldier” who is pushed to her limit in order to keep her family safe. For the movie, Hayek had to get in shape but she recently confessed that not even starring in an action film could be enough motivation for the actress to go to the gym. In fact, she revealed that the idea of going to the gym doesn’t even cross her mind.

Quote About Not Liking Exercise:

“I don’t like exercising, although I did try to get in shape before we started filming ‘Everly,’ the actress told Total Film. “When you spend your time chasing your daughter you also do a lot of sports, so I managed pretty well,” the Mexican beauty added. Her and Francois-Henri Pinault’s daughter Valentina is now 7 years old, and is apparently keeping Hayek on her toes.

When Asked How She Felt About Portraying A Violent Character:

“It’s always exciting to bring a tough woman to life. Women can be very tough on a day to day basis even though we sometimes don’t demonstrate it. These types of stories can be very inspiring for everyone who has ever felt frustrated and dominated in a situation of abuse they didn’t know how to escape.”